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We are the 99 percent


Hello, I am a married 48 year old Greek American living in Astoria. I work nearby for MTA-NYC Transit and have been visiting Liberty Square Park during my lunch hour having sammy's falafel almost daily. I believe you struck a nerve and made a huge connection with the American people! I have been waiting for this, and would love to see this REAL movement grow to it's 99% potential. By joining, is my small part of helping the people who have been suffering, silenced, and pushed aside like garbage for over 30 years. Just like the play "Death of a Salesman". I'm also tired of being taxed for over 30 years and having seeing our great country going down the drain, due to the selfish and powerful few. The time is now, enough is enough!! Together we can do it! I hope OWS takes off just like facebook!!

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