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We are the 99 percent


I am a 50 year old single, conservative male from north Texas who understands the protestors frustration. However, I really fear that the group's inability to develop clear, tangible, unified demands that can maybe be addressed by our system (that we all really do know deep inside is the best government system in the world by far) may lead to the group's cause being hi-jacked by some liberal organization with its own pre-planned/prepared deception ready to indoctrinate the group's members (with the powerful media's assistance of course) into some false belief that uses its deception to falsely place the entire blame for our economic breakdown falsely on the totally wrong causes in order to bring about their own desired changes to our great country. The amount of stolen tax payers money now controlled by these evil-doers is now great enough to offer widespread bribes in ways that are undetectable. by the public at large. I am really concerned but the solution is so simple! See my 1st comment. Grayeagle1000.

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