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I am Richard Peter, Founder goldmoneyparty.com and the owner of the domain egovern.us. I want to join forces with you! My experience in poltics spans 40 years, and I am a valued consultant for candidates who win office using the power of the "write in" vote. I propose we take my domain egovern.us and invite those from our movement to put forth a platform of specifics ideas. You can see what I stand for at goldmoneyparty.com,BUT my goal, ironically, is NOT to promote my political ideas. My goal is to create a facebook like platform where we can vote "up" or "down" on the platforms of the leaders in our movements. And at first in the battleground states like CO, NM etc. endorse our candidate who rises to the top on our national site
egovern.us. and deliver those write in votes to the Secretary of State eventually in all 50 States! I can help you do this. I want your leaders to contact me personally to give political teeth to our movement. My cell number is 469-569-8209. I am hiring programmers right now to get this movement set up to control the Nation using the little known method of "write in" If America can elect an American Idol singer, and vote Lady Gaga to the top of face, America can and must elect the President of the United States.
You have a voice. I can get your leaders on the ballot!

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