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Globalstrikeforworldpeace.org is dedicated to the proposition that for Humanity to survive and flourish as a species, it is imperative that we find both the way, and the will, to move beyond the inherent limitations of the tribal mindset which predominates the current state of international relations.

We are endangered by antiquated notions of National Sovereignty, by our historically inviolable prerogative to do as we please within our national borders, regardless of the consequence to our neighbors, both near and far, with whom we share this singular planet we all call home. We no longer have that luxury.

Our problems, globally, are too pressing, too complex to solve burdened by parochial self-interest, counter productive market manipulation, monopolistic resource control, and a general disregard by the powers that be, for the welfare, health and well-being of all the Earth's six and a half billion citizens.

To move forward in a fair, just and equitable manner, one which respects the rights of the individual, promotes and protects our cultural differences, celebrates our unique identities, and embraces our shared similarities; one that offers us and our heirs a chance of a future free from want and fear—we must cast aside our entrenched narrow tribal definitions and accept the notion that we are all members of one vast tribe, Humanity, and as such, institute a rational system of Unified World Governance.

The policy-makers in power, left to their own devices and volition, will not, and cannot, make these changes under their own accord. Change of this magnitude will have to come from the bottom up, from the grass-roots, and be borne on the back of our united voices and actions.

A universal, simultaneous, non-violent, and non-confrontational global strike for world peace is our only realistic means of making our shared desire for true world peace heard in the halls of power, and the economic ramifications of such a strike the only leverage we have to garner the attention of the ones who inhabit those halls.

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