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We are the 99 percent


I have known a long time that "the emperor (ie the corporatocracy) has no clothes" and felt that this empire must and will fall. I am inspired and heartened by the courage, humanity, and ingenuity of the Occupy movement. I want it to continue and expand and ultimately bring about the changes that the 99% needs so desperately. The era of a culture based on competition, individualism, consumption, and complacency is coming to an end. There is enough food, clean water, energy, and all the resources to meet the basic needs of everyone!

I am currently a stay at home father of twins and left my previous job because the cost of day care would have eaten up my entire salary. I want to get involved with this exciting movement, but am not sure the best way for me to do so. I would be very happy to connect with other local "occupiers" to discuss ways that "we the people" can make an impact and forward the movement in my community (Swampscott).

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