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We are the 99 percent


i am so grateful for the people that were brave enough to start the Wallstreet protests and risked jail time, hospitolization (Oakland), and police violence... I am of German descent, my Mother escaped Germany when she was 17 b4 the Berlin Wall went up. I met my German Grandparents when Communists let them finally visit us after they turned 65 (no longer productive), yes I had to wait over 21 yrs to meet my own grandmother. I watched my Mother cry when my great grandmother died because she was unable to risk going back to see her. I used to go to the post office with my Mother to ship items like chocolate, nylons, butter, sugar-things my Grandmother couldn't get in the ration lines. I watched the Berlin Wall come down with 200,000 people protesting in 1987 and West Berliners reaching over the Wall to give their hands to lift East Berliners up. I listened to John Lennon sing Power to the People... thank you protestors... u have my solid gratitude I live in Northern California (NorCal) **

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