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Emerson Street Garden is a narrow city lot located in Portland at 822 NE Emerson Street. It was placed in trust with OSALT in October 22,2008 by Multnomah County to remain as a community-based garden for future generations. The site is a typical old residential lot in NE Portland. That means, among other things, that it is contaminated with lead. This is very common on sites where older houses have stood.

Will Bennett
Site manager, Emerson.St.Garden@gmail.com
voice: (503) 395-4623
822 NE Emerson St. Portland, Or 97211
! #earth_day_everyday !
"Everyone has the right to a healthy, livable community"

More in a garden grows than what the gardener sows. Spanish proverb
#GREEN #PDX #Environmental_Justice

'If You Ain't a Gardener, You Ain't Gangster'

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