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We are the 99 percent


I have been saying that the money markets and capitalism is unfair and ultimately unworkable since I became aware of how we organise our society. But communism has its inherent problems too. There has to be a peaceful and fair alternative and I keep on getting really close to working it out, but then I get sidetracked...having to earn a living is usually the culprit. And so it goes on...the wheel turns and us within it. I have predicted the people rising up and I am pleased to see it - I have even joined in - but we have to have an alternative. Who has the answer? Altruism has to be at its heart. Giving, not Taking, Loving, not Hating, Being, not Dying, Needing, not Wanting. We care enough to want and need this thing to be changed - make sure the solution is better, in fact the best. We need to get better.

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