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We are the 99 percent


I have worked since I was a child and still work having to work two jobs and that doesn't even get me ahead. I raised
three children and have 5 grandchildren. I was hoping to retire soon, but I guess it won't happen. I need to save money so my children or grandchildren would not suffer from this economy. I still believe in President Obama. He does need to raise tax on the rich and for the middle class he needs to lower. I was all for health insurance for all but now I used to have co-payment and xrays other eximanitions didn't cost until the health care changed. So not making enough money with the state, break on Fed tax, but no raise and paying out more on health care, also the food and gas my God we haven't gotten any good raises in ages. Interest is cheap for houses, but houses have outrages prices. This is America and we shouldn't have to worry about what we are going to eat the next day or if we'll have a roof over our head. Can't even go to work due to gas is so high. How much more does the corporate want to keep us down? They are getting to much money while the middle class suffers. We need to bring the companies back to USA so we can proudly say, it was made in the USA.

President Obama you have to make it happen. We cannot have a Republican in the White House. You have to do it now and don't listen to those wealthy folks who wants to keep us down. You are intellegent and think things through, so please don't hesitate, crack that whip, listen more to the people whose is occupy the Wall Street.

The one who still has faith in you.

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