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We are the 99 percent


They told us that when the founding fathers came to this country, we call America, it was to be free from tyranny and oppression; somewhere along the way, our freedom was lost.
When did we convert from a free republic to a democratic hypocrisy? We were once free to barter; sell our private property called labor; exchange goods for things with monetary value. We could freely ingress and regress anywhere we so inclined to do so on our privately owned conveyance of the day without infringement and taxation. We could engage in any activity we so desired without fear of retaliation, but no more are the days of a true free America.
Today, you are a numbered human resource known within the Stock Market as the “Domestic Product”, brainwashed as children in governmental educational institutions to become public employees where you work for free; and your pay is transferred to the persons in the 1%.
The government created by the People, for the People, is no longer interested in the People. It has its own agenda, its own priority and its own elite; the agenda is slavery; the priority is imminent; and its elite are the 1% that only listens when money speaks.
Supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement shall now take temporary leave of its current habitation; take proactive measures in sending a message to the 1% and tell them that, WE ARE THE PEOPLE. We shall revoke the privileges of the servants until they become obedient. We will no longer tolerate the disobedient servant, nor will it continue to abuse our neighbors or us. We shall now revoke its privilege that it seems not to want; the People shall take back control of the reigns of that wild bandwagon, and its insubordination will end right here, right now, today.
To accomplish this goal of revoking the privileges of that 1%, we will take the following actions and do as the Eternal, the One True G-d said to do, treat your neighbor as you treat yourself and protect them. That is the only way we can protect our life, liberty, property and continue our pursuit of happiness here in America!
With the protection of the Constitution; the 99% REDRESS, YOUR GOVERNMENT package is now available; form an orderly line; sign the petition! Moreover, let God continue to bless America.

Meetings for ideas I can offer to expand the movement safely and peacefully with maximum results.

Part 1 of 7: Volunteer for Grand Jury and then go straight to this web site and start reading till your eyes are watery....


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