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We are the 99 percent


I own the website GoldMoneyParty.com and the domain name EGOVERN.US. America is in an upheaval right now, and the two parties, Republican and Democratic, are responsible for our economic failure and political failure. I am proposing to make You a full partner in both websites. I will handle content and sales, You are the programming brain.
An example of the upheaval is to be found by using Google to see what's happening in New York. Just type Occupy Wall Street and you will see how we can both place ourselves ahead of a massive anger and desire for deep change here in America and in Europe. The problem is there is no focus. So, here's I propose to change the political and economic landscape.
We have in the United States the ability to "write in" candidates at all levels of government, from the President on down to the local mayor. But no one has used the internet to complete this task at the highest levels of government.
This is my proposal. I own the domain name egovern.us. I want it to be a "political" facebook where people can focus their anger in creating their answers to the problems both political and economic that that we all face. We will vote "like" or "dislike" on the thousands of platforms, agendas and ideas. And when the cream rises to the top, we will do write in campaigns for the President in the key battleground states. The charge is $30 per year to register the site. I see millions joining!
My particular agenda is found in the site: goldmoneyparty.com. Please review it carefully.
We will submit ourselves to be voted up or down as well. But I want a 3 by 3 forced follow me matrix with full pay on all spillovers. It costs $300 to join goldmoneyparty.com. You are required to find three others to join, you than cycle and earn $300. When your 3 recruits each cycle by getting their three each they are forced by the computer to come back home to you and when they do you make $300 again. This continues to infinity. An example of such a plan is to be found at the website: killgrocerybill.com
I am proposing to you that You become full partners with me on both websites. If interested, please fedex documents drawn by a lawyer in your country that you trust. Also, please set up a business paypal account that only you and I can access. I want to split profits 50 50 between Us and both of US to have access to the paypal account at all times. I will handle all the content, video production and marketing on my end. You are the accounting brain.
My private cell is: 469-569-8209.
Richard Peter

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