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We are the 99 percent



I’m writing this because the problems around the world are far too vast and need to be culminated into understanding. Read, edit, add to

All statistics stated in factual and not by perception are taken from Walden University’s course: Multicultural Dimensions of Society’s class book:

- Koppelman, K. L., & Goodhart, R. L. (2011). Understanding human differences: multicultural education for a diverse America (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.

Words of wisdom in this time are needed: I believe wisdom comes from suffering; just as recognition brings liberation. Just as every person has their own unique oddities; and every person’s degree of understanding concepts is certainly multi-perceivable and full of entanglement that influences every galaxy, every living entity, and every atom.

Freedom is just like the universe: it is fair in that it is unfair; and everyone’s perception and beliefs are different. I accept you even if you don’t care about freedom and human rights; but you must not oppress my freedom or anyone else’s. There must be no law regarding any association with perception; for that is against natural rights. Not everyone is going to have the same amount of wealth, and that certainly shouldn’t be confused with “fair.” It would be “fair” if everyone has the same chances to become nourished, rich, powerful, intelligent and prosperous in all the universes’ provided forms. I think peaceful means are the only way to truly cure the actual indulgence of prejudice cognition, human suffrage, hatred, and all the degrees of negativity that destroy this world. It starts individually, and everyone has to try. Adding construction jobs, just like in the 1930’s, creating transportation roads is only going to help so much for so long.


Beginning in 1950, the American hourly wage for workers increased each decade thereafter until the 1980’s, and then declined about a $1 an hour throughout that decade. Since, wages dropped another 50 cents in the first half of the 1990’s, and were then regained in the second half. Full-time workers in 2000, earned an average weekly wage of $646, $32 less than the average weekly wage in 1979. In 1990, it was estimated that during the 1980’s, $160 billion collected from middle and low-income taxpayers replaced funds lost from capital gains that tax cuts benefited wealthy Americans as well as funding programs for an example: providing subsidies for overseas corporate advertising (Phillips, 1990). The rich establish businesses purposefully in a tax-free Caribbean island, or any overseas location with little or no taxes is said to be the most popular tactic of avoiding paying taxes. In 1983, such tactics accounted for $200 billion; in 2004, they accounted for $5 trillion. According to a study of tax receipts from 1996 to 2000, the General Accounting Office reported that over 60% of American corporations paid completely no taxes. In just 2004 alone, corporations that didn’t file taxes withheld the American people $310 billion.

In America

1959 - the top 4% wealthiest had as much wealth as the lowest 35% wealthiest
1989 - the top 4% wealthiest accounted as much wealth as the lowest 51% wealthiest
2002 - the top 1% wealthiest held more wealth than the lowest 90% wealthiest

- The wealth inequality reader (2004). Cambridge, Mass.: Dollars & sense, Economic Affairs Bureau.

Used in present day Walden University college and taken from:

- Koppelman, K. L., & Goodhart, R. L. (2011). Understanding human differences: multicultural education for a diverse America (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.


We need to stop acting like we are segregated by our state, by our country, by our race, gender, sexual orientation, age…even our class. There are 7 billion humans on this planet. Food and water scarce are a growing problem around the world. More and more people accept the belief that humans are causing global warming; quite simply because conditions have become severe enough to be less reasonable to deny.


People to this day live segregated. There are an estimated 700 tribes in South America, according to BBC, that have presently never seen an industrialized human. In America, there are groups who live separated such as Native American tribes (who still have to deal with the oppression of American law), Amish, Mennonite, and I’ve also come across war veteran communities who literally prefer to live in the woods. I’ve heard from so many diverse people’s “walks-of-lives” all saying pretty much the same: “people can do whatever they want just leave me out of it, and allow me to do the same if I choose.” This is freedom.


I can not fathom a society that is unified in regards to human differences and still have laws. America is a country overwhelmed by control of separatists in my opinion that desire to break away from separatism ethics by creating reign on cultures separate from them: cultures in America, and most certainly out of America. Over 3 million hoarders are comprised relatively to a separatist mentality, due to stigmatisms claiming that what they are doing is wrong. Millions around the country love different animal fights such as dogs and chickens, and since the law says “no” yet again, these people just want to be left alone. America’s divorce rate has been high for quite some time even being mindful of the population continuously growing, yet no one seems to think another lifestyle other than monogamy could possibly work (another culture of people that separate). The founding fathers became separatists when they stepped off their European shore. Any kind of law breaking has become a way of separating the “good vs. bad;” while in fact, mind control

War on Drugs

Over 500 million non-violent, specifically marijuana associated “criminals” are imprisoned at this time because America has created an empire of other natural resources (such as cotton and wood) that couldn’t keep up in currency around the turn of the 1900’s (regarding fuel, fabric, lotion, cooking oil, and more medicinal properties practically any other natural resource). Billions of dollars every year are being thrown down our “prison and law system toilet” in order to ride this incredibly useful plant, take away people’s rights, and keep a sustainable law and prison system that they still want to continue building upon. These marijuana statistics are not perfect, but I have absolutely never in my life heard in the 10,000 years literally of documented history on Earth, heard and confirmed one single death. Even if there has been a million deaths in the last 10,000 years, the ratio of time and deaths compared to anything else “practically at all” on this Earth should utterly embarrass people against marijuana: baby aspirin, baby toys, gum, candy...any kind of food or liquid, of course all transportation vehicles, the list goes on and on. The death rates would go down from any kind of “marijuana deal gone bad” if establishments that are safe and taxed were everywhere as much as any kind of alcohol and/or cigarette establishments. I would have no problem with this being legal, but I would demand that it be legal as well that everyone can grow as much as they want, how they desire to grow so long as no “serious harm” is caused to the environment including all forms of life, and without a permit of any kind. There are two ways to grow marijuana: one where the crops are close together so they therefore focus on their reach for the sunlight (height) more than the other growing method (medicinal) in which the crop is spread out to therefore focus on the plants health and potency. For about 2 years right around World War 2 America promoted marijuana saying, “hemp for victory!” The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and many ships that brought our forefathers here were made out of marijuana (hemp). Many of the forefathers (including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Ben Franklin) grew it and loved its’ mass utilities: medicinal (which in itself has more than just about any other plant on the planet), but also clothing, rope, lotion, oil, providing the ground it grew in with more nutrients than it takes, and the list goes on. Oh, and the products that marijuana makes are actually stronger, last longer, and require less time to grow as well as less chemicals to process. this could let us leave needed trees that should be incorporated into permaculture (which has been a proven plant growing technique(s) in the last decade to be able to grow self-sustaining eco-systems even in the dessert of the Middle East; it is one of the only ways of growing plants…food in a setting that is self-sustaining, and will even require less work as time continues). Seriously educate yourself, this is the one of the biggest lie that America has covered up. Their law placed on this drug, just like any other drug, is actually causing more expense. No one that I’ve heard talking about this protest has even touched on the subject of the drug laws, and I and millions of other Americans say marijuana could fix OUR ECONOMY more than what we are lead to believe.

Water Scarce

Less than 1% of the world’s water is fresh and drinkable; yet America flushes about 80% of it down their pristine toilets. America uses more per person than any other country on average, consuming an average of 300 gallons in the summer for a lawn that feeds zero humans. That’s just in the home. America’s growing methods are not self-sustainable, and are not conducive to the eco-systems we invade, this will be further discussed next paragraph. Even though each person only requires 48 liters of water on a daily basis, individuals in the United States use an average of 500 liters, those in Canada an average of 300 liters and those in England an average of 200 liters. If we had to travel a mile just to get a couple gallons of water America wouldn’t be the same…well, until the next generation that forgets continues onward.

Farming: Permaculture

Many many American’s have lost their connection to the Earth. A high percentage of industrialized countries have “sold their soles” to consumerism in attempts to feel accomplished through endless purchases of unneeded stuff. Wealth very easily could be considered upon not just the money, or even family and friends; but actually what size eco-system a person influences due to the output of food for not only the people but all life forms within. Plants don’t live in sanitary rows; everything is diverse and struggles for life: and therefore feeds the next generation simply by falling to the ground and rotting in place. Our style of farming is destroying the nutrients in the country’s soil. Permaculture could save the world, creating a self-sustaining eco-system that requires continuously less work, to no work at all once established (other than harvesting of course).

The concepts of permaculture are simple, once learned; and by far the techniques are somewhat naturally already within every person. The ideas include obtaining rain water, changing the landscape in order to use rain water more effectively, growing with every layer of a forest, diversity is highly beneficial, incorporating animals, multiple entanglement uses for what is incorporated in the system (example chicken uses: bug control and at the same time aerating the soil, body heat, warn loudly when predators are near, eggs, meat, bones into soup stock, droppings have nutrients). Permaculture has been proven by Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, and many others that we can grow in a self-sustaining manner everywhere on Earth; even in the Middle East in the dessert we can establish life that was (and still is) thought to not be possible due to lack of water and abundance of salt in the soil. This could really make a difference on the entire planet.


In the 1830’s, Christianity in America has been a major contributor to the cruel, even unforgiving, attitudes toward the poor; labeling their disposition as a result of sin and laziness. Even my Walden University’s course: Multicultural Dimensions of Society’s class textbook labels this context as “ironic.”

It’s interesting to talk about religion in the aspect of equal coexistence between diverse individuals, cultures, and institutions. Religion has by far in fact, killed more human life than any other cause. It’s almost beyond comprehension how many different ways religion has miss-guided, tortured, killed, raped, suppressed thought, suppressed science in all its’ ever growing vast forms, encourages forms of discrimination, and natural born rights people, politics, and societies have decided time and time again to accept as rule above their lives, and more often than not, imposed upon others who aren’t associated with their cult. Just so I cover my bases, religion has and still does encourage discrimination, no matter how you want to word it religion does this and it’s not disputable: masturbation, contraception, specifically male gays yet NOT FEMALE GAYS, any form of Paganism (which originally simply meant: not Christian, and yet stigmatized the “non-believers” therefore as a “bad witch”), the list goes on and on.


No more restraining truths in Education systems! Censorship is creating more power in what we censor; making the subject naturally push and pull at people’s interests therefore creates more power (positive or negative according to the individual’s perception) in the subject matter. People need to be socialized about the extreme diversity we are creating around the world that is growing more diverse every year. Our Educational system is not teaching us a full enough story of history, amongst any other subject matter. For instance many people still argue over what the Civil War was fought over, let alone have a clue that Abraham Lincoln in fact did not want the free slaves to live in America!

The Editor of Ebony Magazine comments on Abraham Lincoln...

"On at least fourteen occasions between 1854 and 1860, Lincoln said unambiguously that he believed the Negro race was inferior to the White race. In Galesburg, he referred to 'the inferior races.' Who were 'the inferior races'? African Americans, he said, Mexicans, who he called 'mongrells," and probably all colored people." -- Lerone Bennett, Jr., Editor of Ebony Magazine, "Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream" (Chicago: Johnson Publishing Co., 2000), p. 132

"Negro equality? Fudge!" -- Abraham Lincoln, Fragments: Notes for Speeches, Sept. 1859 (Vol. III)

"If I could save The Union without freeing any slaves, I would do it" -- Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to Horace Greeley

"I am a little uneasy about the abolishment of slavery in this District [of Columbia]." -- Abraham Lincoln, 1862

"The whole nation is interested that the best use shall be made of these [new] territories. We want them for the homes of free white people." -- Abraham Lincoln, October 16, 1854

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln practically imposed a dictatorship on the Northern states, closed down nearly 300 Northern newspapers, had thousands of Northerners arrested, invaded the Northern states of Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri and took over their legislatures, all because those three sovereign states didn't want to participate in his war which they considered unconstitutional.

- http://www.americanstalin.com/

Now, I’m not saying we should change our perception and/or hate Abraham Lincoln at all. What I am saying is I refuse to trust a government that hasn’t and presently won’t tell the truth! We’ve never heard from any country we’ve attacked what their perception includes. Maybe we’re on the wrong side; how would any of us know?

I think struggles in general will forever exist. I think society has provided too stable living and therefore way too many humans, estimated 7 billion, are alive today on the planet. I also think struggles in general, whether we’re talking about minorities or any other kind of suffering, will be far less prevalent if government and religion seriously for once actually: accept peoples’ rights and beliefs, exist segregated (which only functions for so long), or just stop existing all together. There should be no law necessarily beyond punishment towards severely negative acts with no just cause; and the “just cause” part in itself is a little too un-definable with just about any amount of people. Especially in this day and age of humanity, with such diversity and all the more diverse perceptions, the amount of accommodations to everyone is not possible. Therefore at this point, I do most certainly think the human population globally needs to slow their births; and the global population needs attempt to lower our population in a natural, fair, survival of the fittest manner. I think we need a mix of both pluralism and separatism. Take the accepting diversity ethics of pluralism combined with separatisms’ right to “stay over here, and do what I want,” and I think everyone would have more freedom with less discrimination.

Possible other topics:

Accept separatism: industry and bare-bones where people can live the way they want to. The wealth may not be the same but the choice is accepted beyond reason, and able to be put into volition.

Greed everyone would do the same; how many of you would martyr yourselves?


Gas stations

Worldwide unification laws are obviously not working. The rich use the law against the entire world evading taxes by being so well established using the lack of communication and laws worldwide.

Accept, love and understand ourselves. Realize the importance and polar opposite lack of importance of every individual’s life.

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