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We are the 99 percent


yes! This is an awesome movement!! It gave me chills to read this!! I've thought of all of these things as I watch/read news and see the greed of corporations around me. I'm a teacher, and I went into the profession for altruistic reason..."to better the world...ect." After 10 years in it...I realize it is only a "human mill" for corporations. These forced test that we have to give. This forced having to pass these test, and the "test" are only on math, science, language arts, critical writing. The skills corporations "need" the people to have. There is no room for artist, for musicians, for caretakers of this Earth we share. My friend works 14 hour days in a factory here in USA, makes $46,000, and made the "company" 1 million per month....she got a thank you letter. SICK!

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