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We are the 99 percent


I am behind this movement. Having read some of the posts, I so agree with someone who said there needs to be organization and some ppl who can take up leadership roles. We have to demand
to know the TRUTH about so MANY things. For one: the for-over-60-years alien technology that would have made oil obsolete (so therefore has been hidden.) We need full disclosure on that HUGE subject. We need to bring back CHECKS and BALANCES so that OBAMA is not acting as a dictator by starting wars with no Congressional over-view and passing Obamacare when the ppl obviously didn't want it. Abolish the Federal Reserve which is a private enterprise (cartel) run by elitist Illuminati old blood-line families whose members have been in secret societies, e.g., Skull and Bones, etc. We need to get rid of the Nazi CIA and MKULTRA programs, chemtrail spraying, depopulation plans, vaccinations (which have been tested on 3rd world countries, or not properly tested), chloride out of the water supply, Agenda 21, and ask why in the world do we have about 600 FEMA camps across the United States with barbed wire turned inwards, built near railroad tracks. Additionally, we may want to get answers as to why the ILLEGAL INCOME TAX (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) was ever able to be passed. Why a small group of about 4000 ppl RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD and it ALL HAS TO DO WITH the VAST wealth. Why Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russon that the New World Order's plans are to have every American inplanted with micro chips. Why Nick told Aaron there would be an 'event' that would happen and that (laughing as he told him) we'd have our military guys running around in caves looking for a bearded thug and that IT WAS ALL A GIANT HOAX. 9/11 happened. The troops WERE looking in caves. Watch Bldg. 7 collapse. Heck, watch the towers fall. There was nothing LEFT of the 'plane' that went down in that field in Pennsylvania. Where were all the bodies? The wreckage? Why was so much testimony and evidence that bombs were going off in the Twin Towers suppressed for the 9/11 Commission? This is all entirely RELEVANT to our cause and our DESIRE FOR TRUTH. We are supposed to be a REPUBLIC with an extremely small type of govt. Really, we don't want democracy because then you have 51% of the ppl telling the other 49% what to do. See G. Edward Griffin on Youtube.

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