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We are the 99 percent


yes, I pray for this movement daily. America was built for Freedom & pursuit of Happiness. Free the Market! Free information & education! Free healthy foods & agriculture! Stop private groups (freemasonry) from running and corrupting our judical & legal system! Free our legislative process to be by & for the people! Liberate the 99%! Liberate the Democratic Process! Free American families from Slavery! Liberate people from a $ & #! Liberate the power of the people & may we grow exponentially in cohesion & spirit for the betterment of the planet, the people, life & the principles this country was founded upon! I support & am sooooo thankful for the bravery, courage & conviction of those that stand for the 99%!!!! I LOVE THE 99% (and pray daily the 1% wakes up from their greed and understands what & how they too are oppressed (spiritually)!

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