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OWS, join Obama Supporters Videos/ Song!
I believe Barack Obama will be known as the M.L.K. of our day & will continue to bring the world together to progress it like never before. In my own way, I want to play a big part in this major place in our history. People need help all around the world. There's one song for everyone & everything! For Obama 2012, I'm inviting Occupy Wall Street to be in my Obama Supporters Videos/ Song of celebrities, people of places named after Obama & Obama supporters posting a video of themselves singing the chorus of Obama For The World (world's Obama tribute song)! ITunes! For Obama's change & America's freedom! 50% of the sales will go to OWS protesters & Obama For America. Just video everyone in every Wall Street Occupy protest singing (in unison) the chorus of Obama For The World. You will eventually have to support Obama for 2012. The Republicans sure aren't going to support your causes. You're the answer to the Tea Party! Now answer back, singing Obama For The World! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=KaAeSaj-xJc

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