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Consider White House website sponsored petition: PUBLIC VOTE on the COMPETING FINAL DEMOCRATIC vs FINAL REPUBLICAN vs INDEPENDENT VERSIONS of a CONGRESSIONAL BILL. http://wh.gov/bhC For example, both the Republican and Democratic parties claim to have tax code and healthcare reform plans. Fine, put them in writing. Here the media polls and media talk shows would have something real to talk about before submitting the competing versions to the final decision-making responsibility of We the People.

OWS protesters could act on this SIGNING STATEMENT demanding a PUBLIC VOTE OPTION be incorporated as a new legislative continuing JOINT RESOLUTION. Binding on Congress itself to pass along the public majority winning version of a bill to the President. The legislative precedent being no legal difference between a joint resolution and a bill.

White House rules are Petitions receiving 25,000 votes in 30 days, are referred to evaluation followed by official White House statement. PETITIONS CANNOT BE SEARCHED ON WhiteHouse.gov WEBSITE UNTIL IT GETS 150 VOTES. This link, same as above, is only way to initiate petition: http://wh.gov/bhC

Not sure how a PUBLIC VOTE OPTION would work? Sign the petition and find out.

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