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We are the 99 percent


Just an "old" ex-hippie radical who's heart is warmed to see the new generation pick up and carry the flag of freedom and justice for the average Joe POWER TO THE PEOPLE! The movement is right on the point CORPORATIONS HAVE NO SOULS, ACCOUNTABILIY or VOTE. We the CITIZENS shoul rule our land not faceless "organizations". The Supreme Court has betrayed the prople by allowing Corprations to donate to candidates when Corporations are NOT CITIZENS! WE ARE. Let's move on Washington a the BIGGEST LOBBY EVER! Also do not classify everyone who makes $100-200K a year as RICH that is just a living wage in this inflated mess of an economy it is the BILLLIONAIRES who have take the excess and exploited America for too long. Also BRING US JOBS HOME! I know we want WORLD justice but American Corporations are employing non-US citizens for $5 and hour while we go jobless!

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