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We are the 99 percent


I've been wondering WHY Immigration Reform Groups are not taking part in this great opportunity to protest and demand IMMIGRATION REFORM.

Why have we bought into the conventional wisdom that Immigration Reform can't happen until certain things fall into place?

Namely a secure border (an obvious/effective obstacle that has allowed certain elements to set and manipulate the agenda and stall reform, which they will NEVER support, even if there's an impenetrable border) OR the lack of backbone and will by a White House that either CANNOT or WILL NOT act unless it's secretly taken a poll to decide if it has the votes.

Immigration Reform groups need to demand Reform NOW - and force it to a vote. Let's see who is for and who is against - and let the electorate decide. Until then - NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. If we wait for a secure border, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

Mobilize your forces! Seize the opportunity that's opened up! Grab your placards and OCCUPY the "Occupy" protests to make the voice heard for Immigration Reform.


Not in the next 3 years. NOW!!! If the 2008 election taught us anything, it's that the time will NEVER be right. NOW!!

More on my blog: http://conlibe.wordpress.com/


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