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We are the 99 percent


I am so happy that your generation is starting to wake up American, I am 63 years old, and I have been married for 41year to my husband who is 70 years young. We used to be middle class, that has been becoming harder to maintain. He worked in the Airline Industry, and the Pilots raided the retirement funds. I like Pilots, but they saw the crash coming and were allowed to take out lump cash sums from other non-union retired employees fund.. I like Unions, I was in one for over 30years. Some are better than others, I suppose. When my husband's airline went bankrupt, the judge threw out the retirement contract and we lost medical benefits. The airline I am referring to is major in Atlanta, GA. They had already took over Western Airlines on the coast, and we "merged" with this one.We are originally from Calif.
and can not afford to move back home. Our house in underwater now, here in GA. We had to take out a Parent Loan to get our one kid to college-we owe, with interest now (deferred) over $30,000.00 for her four year UGA higher education! We had to declare ourselves as a "Hardship Case". My husband went into a depression because he had worked all his life, since he was young man, and could not believe he could not pay back the loan. His health suffered because of it, and we needed to make hard decisions. He is doing fine now, but because you are summoning and asking for true change in this country, we stand with you. We are the 99% and send you God's strength, and light and love surround you!

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