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We are the 99 percent


Dear Heroes of 2012:

THANK YOU for laboring like TRUE Revolutionaries for The People! I STRONGLY URGE you people to take this link I am sending very seriously--it is ALL ABOUT what you are doing. Any of your people that are astrology-savey will be very excited about this.

2008-2015: Major Astrological Influences

I wonder if you people know about Benjamin Fulford. You probably do, however here are a couple of links. He is THE BIGGEST HERO, to me:

Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford

This person has written very compreshensive articles on the Financial Tyranny BF is talking about.

Divine Cosmos

I'm upset about that there are 200 millionaires in Congress, and they make policy to grow their wealth further. I'm also upset about lobbyists=BRIBERY, is the word--corruption in Congress.

I'm going to tell you something esoteric, from the viewpoint of the Esoteric Teaching of the Ancient Wisdom--in the Piscean Age the esoteric symbol is the two fishes, Big Fish and little fish--emperor, king, queen, pope, doctor, to the people. In its lowest expression--despots and dictators. THAT FRAMEWORK HAS GONE BY THE WAYSIDE and is being ACTIVELY dismantled by people like YOU. The Financial Tyranny arose out of that lowest energy going on in the last century.

The keynote of Aquarius is Group Consciousness. The group runs systems for the Good of the Whole. That is why Democracy arose. The motto of Aquarius is: I Know, Therefore I Am.

Here is something else esoteric. Someday, within a year or two, some people are going to Walk Down to the Earth from The Other Side of the Veil and Help reestablish Democracy as it SHOULD be these days. I AM talking about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. They REALLY ARE Over There, and many, many amazing things are going to be happening in the New Age that have yet to occur.

This is a link to read this teaching that was written for these changing times. There is much wisdom to be found here.

Books on-line

You people are True Revolutionaries in the context of the first link I sent you. I'm very iinterested to know how you have "changed up" in your organization.When people do the right thing for humanity, they recieve energy from the System above. Your demonstrations made a shattering sound, for real.

Blessings to the Righteous!

Carol Lanchester

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