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We are the 99 percent


Here's why I joined the Occupy Wallstreet movement and why I'm so passionate for the cause. I work for CDS in Breinigsville, PA. A third party logistics company that holds a contract with The Dial Corp. aka Henkel Company in its warehousing business. My company owns nothing. Only the Labor. Dial manufactures all the products that generate the income to sustain CDS and the third party trucking company that also holds a contract with The Dial Corp. Dial is hellarich! They also hold military contracts. They produce the majority of there products in Mexico and China, where they pay their foreign employees an average of one dollar an hour. They have all there products shipped and stored in the US where I get paid $11.50 an hour as a fork lift operator. There has been a pay freeze for the last two years where no one recieved a raise no matter what.Talk about corporate greed and corruption! I started in this time and have been there 10 months and still make the same $11.50 an hour. Since I've started I've been forced to produce more and more work and learn new functions without any raise or inventive. There also was a 4 month span where I had to work mandatory 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. 4 months straight! Or be fired if refusing the overtime 2 times for any purpose. No doctors notes accepted unless it was workmans comp. They've also made me stay 12 hours and start me 8 hours after my shift ended to work another 12hours which left me with about 2 hours of sleep. I've been mandated to do this today as a matter of fact. The warehouse lead foreman Raphael Menendez has a serious Napoleon complex and acts as CDS' bitch and makes us do whatever Dial wants no matter what. His criteria for new hires seems to be ex convicts straight out of prison, immigrants, people that speak no English, or complete morons. So if your any one of these, come here. You'll get hired immediately. My opinion for this is Mexicans are used to being treated like slaves and won't object for fear of being deported, they get a tax break at the end of the year for hiring the convicts, and the idiots are too ignorant to stand up to the bullshit. I get $11.50 an hour because I posses a skill. The line workers only make $8.00 through a temp agency. How can you honestly live on $8.00 an hour? To top it all off, there's a labor management system which tracks our work performance. We're required to meet an 80% average no matter what the situation or be fired. 40 hours or 72. Fatigued or not. The system is complete bullshit and can easily be manipulated. This place is a constant revolving door for new hires. Management doesn't give 2 shits about us as people. All we are to them is dollar signs. They treat us as if we were machines that are disposable. Who cares if we have our own lives to take care of as long as they make their profits. CDS is itself pushed in this corner where if they refuse Dial's orders for any reason, Dial can refuse to resign them when the contract ends. Everything will still be the same. Same warehouse and the same product. Only the 3rd party logistic company would change. It is up in 2013. This whole 3rd party logistics bullshit is a scam in my opinion so Dial doesn't have to be held accountable for not providing workers with descent pay and benefits. I'm no investigator or journalist, but I can pretty much say with certainty that these cosmetic products Dial manufactures are just byproducts of other chemicals they produce for the military and other companies. I feel these corporations are taking advantage of other countries and enabling the governments of those counties to enslave there own people all over greed. Apparently  they haven't made  enough profits to fulfill there thirst and now they're trying to get away with enslaving us also. $7.50 an hour Federal minimum wage? I can barely survive on what I'm making. How can a person live a comfortable life on $7.50 an hour? Modern day slavery in my opinion. This is the USA people. We're suppose to be the "good guys". We're suppose to set an example for the world to follow. What kind of example is this setting? That life is about money and do whatever you can to hoard it? This is the fire that lit my fuse to be involved in this movement but it's not the sole reason I'm so passionate about this cause. Other things I agree with changing is finding alternate, self sustaining, energy sources, eliminating toxic chemicals and hormones from our food supply, eliminating the wastefulness that goes on everyday. Eliminating our carbon footprint...... The list goes on and on. Mostly all these things are being road blocked by these greedy corporations because they won't make a profit. Fuck our existence, as long as you can make an extra buck. And last but not least a social change where being good and making the right choices and being kind to your neibor is a good thing and not frowned upon. Where the thing that matters is the size of your heart, not bank account. I hope I'm alive to see this day and with this movement I believe change is bound to happen. Everything has led up to this moment. It's time.

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