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I started my career forming a 52,000 acre rainforest preserve called the West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership, for the preservation of water resources and endangered species habitat. I raised over $3M in Federal, State, County, and Private foundation grants and ran the project for a few years. I've spent years both in and out of college studying Environmental & Urban Planning, Structured Finance, and Securities Law, hoping to become a real estate developer, before the bubble burst. I've always wanted to develop affordable or special needs housing and Transit-Oriented/Smart Growth projects, not McMansions and suburban sprawl. I then worked in Kodiak, Alaska at a salmon hatchery with the Native Tribes that replenished the fisheries (we would raise the fish then release them), and then some time in Portland, Oregon, to conduct case studies on LEED certified buildings and other mixed-use real estate. A few years ago, I ended up in Texas, first working for several electric co-operatives re-designing their power grids, then was introduced to the Oil & Gas sector. I now own my own business developing oil fields for big oil, but am looking to change the way things are done and find the middle path and a sustainable solution, as I have been swinging back and forth between the two sides. I have some experience and knowledge of large scale wind farm and CSP solar thermal power plant development, which uses the same skill sets but is cleaner than oil & gas. I am interested in using my skills and knowledge to help develop new corporations that use the guiding principles set forth by OWS, and find a balance. For the banking sector, this would include salary caps for executives, limits on speculative trading, increased community lending, and small business assistance. For energy projects, I have been working on a proposal that would reserve a portion of the royalty income to various foundations, as several of the prospects that I've worked have included mineral owners that granted the income to a range of non-profit organizations such as the Susan Komen Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project. I've looked into chartering new credit unions in several states instead of a national charter, as a Federally Chartered one needs approval from the Federal Reserve, which is controlled by former Goldman CEO's and other bankers. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are living documents, and I think they have been awoken by OWS from a long sleep or set free from the shackles of the present system. I'm ready to effect change, but not sure where to start. I am looking for like minded individuals to serve on the Boards of new corporations, and create as many living wage jobs as possible in each of these industries. I have been reviewing the General Assembly Meeting Minutes and other materials, to incorporate the guiding principles into the Bylaws of the new corporations. Any advice or contact information would be appreciated. I can be reached at bpells15@gmail.com. Thank you.

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