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We are the 99 percent


Demands I’d like to see on Wall Street, Corporations, and the U.S. Government:

1) Corporations loose human rights status
2) Size limits on corporations and banks
3) Reenact parts of the Glass-Steagall Act that separates investment banking from commercial banking
4) Repeal parts of the “Financial Services Modernization Act” that promotes derivatives trading
5) Outlaw flash trading
a. A person and company should have a limit on the number of trades they can do in a day
6) Limit interest rates on all loans and credit cards to a maximum of 3% with no penalty increases that sink people into further debt
7) Dissolve Federal Reserve
8) Eliminate the “revolving door” that occurs between government officials and big business
9) Lobbyists must represent a cause that will benefit humanity and the planet (not their company) in order to see any government officials
10) Move toward local economy and a more agrarian society
11) Greater participatory government and less representative government
a. yearly national elections that decide certain legislation by popular vote
b. Greater local influence on legislation
12) Campaign finance reform
a. Personal donations only with a $500 limit
13) Repeal citizens united case
14) Single payer healthcare
15) Military withdraw from all occupied countries
16) Financial support and legislation for energy transition to alternative sources and an end to fossil fuels
17) Money pulled from pentagon and redistributed to education, healthcare, environment, and infrastructure
18) Higher education cheaper (greater government subsidies)
19) Student loans forgiven
20) Repeal of the “bankruptcy abuse and prevention act” that keeps students in debt for the entirety of their life
21) Free education K-college
22) Outlaw for-profit universities
23) Reduce spending of tax dollars for military from 45% to 20%
a. The 25% goes to education, healthcare, environment, infrastructure
24) Safe food, slow food, organic food legislation
25) Production/consumption legislation that encourages sustainable practices
26) New simplified tax code
a. Buffet Rule for income
b. Tax revenue to be acquired through production/consumption where cost is based on the degree of negative impacts to social and environmental areas of life
i. 5 categories that dictate % on manufacturer, retailer, and consumer
1. Environmental impact
2. Social impact
3. Usefulness
4. Health/safety
5. Transportation distance

Note: I would really like to see a legitimized online “occupy wall street” election in which people can vote for specific demands. To insure validity, use social security numbers or drivers license numbers. The people voting need to be legitimate U.S. citizens as to avoid fraudulent claims by the other side.

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