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We are the 99 percent


Comedian. Artist. Activist. Hungry for justice and sandwiches. Mostly justice. But right now I could really use a sandwich. A justice sandwich. And maybe a peanut butter & jelly (if you're not busy).

In July of '08 I quit my corporate-America job in Minnesota to move to the swing state of Colorado where I was an organizer on the historic Obama campaign in '08. I'm frustrated with corporate voice drowning out the "millions of voices calling for change," including the voices who have the ear of our president, a man who has the potential to be the best president in our country's history (if he gets his head out of their asses). Though I am frustrated with the apathetic people of the world, who overdose on entertainment, Occupy moves me to tears with hope. I am frustrated with the lack sandwiches for people whose stomachs are screaming for them.

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