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We are the 99 percent


22 y.o female. Not able to attend college not able to find a job. I have student loans for a career that didnt progress itself. Living at home, dads retired check to check and moms unemployed. I want to be apart of a change, I feel it in my soul. I dont know how or when, but I want to be with you on this revolution. I have no money, I have no health insurance that I need for health issues, and I cant afford it and I got denied state health. I need to be apart of something bigger than myself, literally. :) I need people with the same mind, people here in my town are either pregnant or abusing the system, or drug addicts. If they're lucky they've gotten a $8.hr job. I'm great at listening and giving advice. I'm one of the least judgemental people you can meet, I accept everyone for who they are here an now. I'm shy at first, and I prefer love over war.

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