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We are the 99 percent


Aren't you people worried about the real and ever present threat to america? Your congestion of the streets and attraction of attention on the 10th anniversary of an attack on america's soil right where it happened 10 years ago while america is already in turmoil presents those who wish to harm you with ample opportunity. Do not flood the streets in protest to complain about unemployment when you are expecting the government to give you an answer that isn't there. The reason we are in so much trouble is because when initially america was built on the backs of those who would work to receive credit and payment for services or work rendered. When one would pride himself or herself in laboring in order to provide for their families. And now the generation which has seen this growth from the sweat of their fathers and mothers expects to have jobs given to them and blame the educated for having jobs? And now by publicly making a spectacle instead of going and adding value by working hard at jobs which may seem menial but are what america was built on. Not everyone 50 years ago after the war had a good job, they went and did what they could, as they did what they could they found out what they were good at, and thus created growth and opportunity for those like u who complain to have jobs. Wasting time and creating a spectacle while waiting for someone to listen to your whining and answer with a solution should get up and take pride in your nation. By individually going and trying to do what the immigrants do, they go and do any jobs that come their way, and budget and save without credit to build their place in american society. America wasn't built so that everyone could b given things for free. If you want that go to a socialist country but then don't expect to ever accomplish something for yourself and be given deserved valuable consideration for your contribution to your society with ingenuity. You are only creating instability and opportunity for those who want to kick you when you are down to do so. And if that happens expect to lose a lot more freedoms. If I was you , I would shut my lazy mouth , and not expect to be given something for creating a spectacle. No1 is taking away your rights by studying hard in school and getting a job in one of the most complex businesses in the world such as quantitative finance. Half of america cannot pronounce the study, but they still damn it because they lack the backbone to take pride in their hard work, it leads to jobs that collect 99% of the nation's wealth, because the 99% of people spend their money on things which they cannot afford that are the product of that 1% ingenuity. America has become a laissez faire nation. And all of you who participate in "peaceful protest" are just letting yourselves be until someone else fixes your problem. Start one pebble at a time by taking pride in your nation, go move a stone to earn a penny and before u know it you've moved a mountain and earned a fortune. You have to keep on moving like flowing water to stay clean and crisp, whatever is in your way flowing water can bore through in time. Or sit and fester like water in a pond and then you will b left with nowhere to go but to live in a product of your own dissent. Your nation was built on determination, perseverance, patriotism. And now you are creating a stage for enemies of your cause (happiness and freedom) to make an example of you because of the way you deal with things. Don't do it to your nation, don't do it to the people who work on wall st . They create jobs as well, and don't allow for the enemies of the nation to execute your freedoms publicly by congesting an already hot area. Go out and create value . No1 pays for something that's worth nothing

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