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We are the 99 percent


I have something to contribute to this cause. It needs more organization and while a "Leaderless" philosophy is all nice and cozy it's naive at best.

What we need are solutions to the imbalances and injustices that exist here and globally. I would like to propose those solutions.

The elitists have been not only planning for this event, they have actively encouraged it. All the preparations are in place to deal with mass demonstrations viz a viz The Homeland Security Act.

I learned a very valuable lesson in 1975 when I wanted out of the British Army. You can't fight the system, you can only fight within the system. Therein lies the solution.

Help me create our own Super Pac that takes on the Federal Reserve and our morally corrupt legal system. Time is not in our favor the planned Global Financial collapse and the following single currency "solution" is imminent.

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