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We are the 99 percent


I share the many ideals of the Occupy Movement, but feel it has grown stale. There is only so much flooding public parks weeks on end can accomplish. The initial gatherings were a success; they captured international attention worldwide through both the media and web 2.0. But now it's time to grow, it's time to change. One of the movement's greatest attributes is also its greatest obstacle to furthering our objectives: it's leaderless. If we want to implement true and effective change to the corruption and self-servitude that has taken our country hostage, it's time to take them on. The only logical next step is to begin running candidates in, at first, local elections and then state and then federal and then the country. If the fucking Tea Party can do it, so can we. As much as we disdain it, as much as we despise it, we must begin to take part in the political process in order institute real, hard change. The best way to fuck the system is from the inside, right you lousy punks?

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