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We are the 99 percent


Dear all,
We a group of people of kolkata , West Bengal, India have taken decision to organize a demonstration before Stock exchange of kolkata (3rd largest stock exchange of India, Before 1992 it was the largest stock exchange of India) on 21st October 2011, Friday as a part of global movement of OCCUPY WALL STREET as well as Occupy together.
We strongly feel that occupy wall street is a movement with a special characteristic. It has targeted rightly to the symbol of corporate finance power (Wall st) directly , which is the main culprit of all worse social happenings like inequality, unemployment, retrenchment- layoffs, poverty to environmental pollutions etc, while most of the other movements aim to political establishments which is nothing but the puppet of corporate power.
It is unfortunate that we can not organize it on 15th October 2011 due to some unavoidable constrains but we strongly feel that we are the part of the movement.

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