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We are the 99 percent


My online magazine www.theenglishrag.com supports Occupy Wall Street, and all freedom from the corporate dictatorship, called The New World Order.
You might say that my novel, published in May, with the two fictional principle villains, the British Prime Minister and American Vice-President of the USA, is symbolic of my contempt of today's politicians.
I'm sixty-nine and though I always sensed something wasn't right, that laws were being used to oppress rather than liberate, when in August this year learned about STRAWMAN and Banking.
I Googled: Money as Debt 1,2,and 3,
Meet your Strawman Lawful Rebellion, and that's what finally woke me up.
Occupy Wall Street has been a long time coming, the entire democratic world has been waiting for it.
There's an old saying, 'Know your enemy.' Our media and politicians have kept the 1% hidden for fifty years. But, we all have a fight ahead of us, and they have both riches, politicians and muscle, but we outnumber them by 94% an can never return to living in corporate Matrix of deceit, again

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