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We are the 99 percent


Old political activist with a firm grip on the reality of the American condition as it is today and how we got here over the past half century.

As a movement, this one is in dire need of a manifesto that clearly outlines the past mistakes and the direction required to restore the nation to stability if not it's former greatness.

Economy is always consumer driven. To return the economy to stability we must return some wealth to the Lower classes from the rich because the rich can not spend or consume in sufficient quantity to carry the economy and with a greater amount of cash placed in circulation in the hands of the lower classes it will be spent in far greater quantity simply because there are so many more of us than the rich and we must use that money to consume the goods required to survive. Consumption drives demand that drives production that requires workers and that is employement for those who consume. With volume this becomes self sustaining and governmental tax income will grow as we retire the deficits run up by the trickle down republican mistakes of the recent past.

The question to be answered now is are we republican, democrat, or Americans and I have faith in the fact that Americans will always come together to admit their mistakes and do what it takes to maintain our MORAL compass regardless of our beliefs for we are and always have been an ethical majority and that is the value we lost over the past few administrations. It really is "We the people".

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