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We are the 99 percent


once again we celebrate the life of MLK. his employment of non-violence, passive resistance exhorted all followers NOT to cooperate with evil. the system that fails to provide solutions to our problems does not deserve our votes. it is time to throw them ALL out. the beauty of our democracy is that every 2 years all members of the house and one-third of the senate can be sent packing. we must embrace, however, third party candidates. ideally, we would pick one that addressed our ideals. obviously that is not the republicrats. they are owned by the corporation; third parties at this point are not. so first, we throw them ALL out. while the election is one year away, the obscene spectacle of campaigns and their millions are under way. non cooperation with evil is essential. during this interim period, people simply look to alternatives. there is one full year ahead. meanwhile, jobs are exported overseas. part two of non cooperation is the boycott: buy U.S.A. this movement can define who is worthy of our support and it is not those corporations we loath.
so, we do not cooperate with evil-the republicrats-and we design a boycott to put teeth into the mix.
Throw Them ALL Out

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