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We are the 99 percent


I have been/am a professional vocalist for the past 25 years. Like everyone else in the 99% my life has been severely adversley affected by the greed & blatant disregard of my country. I don't recognize it anymore.

I had a good life until it was unjustly stolen by bankers & the healthcare system. I've found out just what harsh punishments the system hands out to those who dare to get sick. My son had cancer without insurance & 2 years later his wife had brain surgery. She can't work because of short term memory issues so my son works 70 to 90 hours a week while his checks are garnesheed for the different health procedures they both had to undergo & still must undergo annually. They are losing their home for the second time. My son is 31 years old & for all practical purposes is in slavery because there was sickness in his home. Something is bad wrong when working yourself to death still does not give you much of a life. He doesn't get to see his wife & daughter much or spend any time at home & is growing old & tired & facing health problems again from overwork but there's no other way out. That's slavery & a lot of people are in that same predicament today!!

I have other artistic talents besides singing; writing & photography. If I can be any help at all, Iet me know. As I see it, people in power have become disrespectful & forgotten they were "hired" by the 99% & it is time they were pulled up & made aware. The only change that will happen must be brought about by the 99%!!!!

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