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We are the 99 percent


Hi Aall, I'm not from the USA and whilst I don't mean to offend I believe my comments will.
From the warmth of my bedroom some 14 hours distant from your east coast, a small chuckle escapes my lips as I see the problems that you as a nation have bought down upon yourselves. It is sad that it has come to this, but in retrospect it could never have gone anyother way.
You came to my attention the day Armstrong spoke those words and again the day Kennedy was shot. Though as I was myself just emerging into teenage years I am unsure of which came first and to tell you the truth I can't be botherd doing a googal search to work it out. You had our respect as a nation, sort of looked upon you as an older brother. You saved our arse in ww2 and we have followed you into evey conflict ever since. Unfortunatly there has been many such conflicts. Yourstyle of invasion by stealth has been hard to comprehend.
Freedom is supposed to be the American way, laughs. This word is spouted from the same lips that turns away the sick and injoured from healthcare in your own boarders
Freedom is spouted as long as it is for the American people only. As free trade deals made with your country disasemble many industries as your protected farmers sell subsidised grain worldwide.
Freedom is spouted from the lips of judges mouths that give freedom to murderers and members of law enforcement when the evidence showed otherwise. Teaching your youth that your law is a joke. So much for relying on your law to uphold Freedom for All. Seems a RICH man's right only.

Your at a turning point America, realise that many of the worlds population live as your homeless do. You need to wake up, for when europe goes into meltdown your nation needs to have its s#*t together or your lost.

I had much more I want to say but I am tired. But at least I'm not dead, for if I was an American I would be pushing up dasiys by now. Instead of on the road to returing to full time employment after 7 years of illness. You know what that means, it means that my nation dose not loose the skills and life experience that I can pass onto others.

Your in my prayers.
I was taught when I was little. "I must take responsibilty for my actions."


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