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We are the 99 percent


.....THE GAME PLAN........
Inventions Designs & Concepts.LLC
Please Organize your FORCES. Chain of command need to help implement these programs in your OCCUPIED CITIES.
Then you too can control the WEALTH in you communities. Any Question Just contact me. I’m willing to add more directions to help you make this once in a life time SHOT come true. Helpful Directions Below.
How to FIX the US Economy 101 http://www.fatttrixx.com/revenue.html
" 5 Tank System.AVI” Free Energy” "Hydrogen Car Fenders 2012"
See these 2 program that ID&C designed
!! We as Americans need to Reverse the way Big Companies get their revenue
1) Drinking Water Sales revenues 100% to the People
2) Snack FOODS revenue 20% to the People
3) Car Fuel 70%
4) Power Companies revenues 80%
5) Video gaming Playing revenue 70%
We at ID&C have Programs to enter into all of her above major industries Join a SOLUTION
"How to FIX the US Economy 101" http://www.fatttrixx.com/revenue.html
1) Found Raising/Donations collection ($$$$)
2) Take that money to a Young group of manager who just finish one of those trade schools that the President Paid for .
3) Hand over the “Hydrogen Car Fender” design to them and direct them to a Plastic manufacture.
4) The plastic manufacture will accept the designs for the “Hydrogen Car Fender” and make the east mold to start Pressing them out.
5) Tool Shops will be given the Designs for the style of Hydrogen Stainless Steel configuration for the plastic manufactures to place in side the mold to incase inside the Fender.
6) Make and models will very so the Team of managers will produce and organize the install time for make and models.
The next stop. You should be showing the people that relief they been asking for .http://www.fatttrixx.com/revenue.html.
“Anonymous” “ The Cure 4 America”
get this program and get at it ASAP...We as the 90% can control $7Billion ever 30Days and Fix what is wrong Step by Step.

1)Start asking the wealthy for money .
Raise the money to produce the Hydrogen CAR FENDERS .
2) Allow US Citizens to pre register their car on line to help raise capital before you go into
3) Use the Money raised on line to Pay manufactures and tool shop (Job Creator) for
producing and delivery of the Hydrogen car fenders.
4) Set up shops around the USA in every State to get more people involved in saving portion
of $6,000 a year. Shops will Installs these device when they are delivered.

5)When US Citizens Pre Order on line they can then ask for make and model of car , or they
can just Commission A Hydrogen car fender before they know what type a car it will be
installed on.
6) Portions of the founding in the Pre section of these program will be sent to develop the
final 3D rendering of "Hydrogen hammer System" and '5 Tank System"
With these two Program you can offer the people a TRUE SOLUTION with $6,000 a month in their pockets and YOUR
GROUP gets to control $7Billion a month , back in to the US ECONOMY.

Sounds simple, that"s because it is

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