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We are the 99 percent


Yes, please send me any & all information about the protest. I don't want future generations to read about our time in the history books & say things like "If they would of stood up for what's right..." "If they weren't so scared..." "If they didn't just ignore what was happening..." & the list goes on. I certainly don't want my grandchildren asking me "Why didn't people try to do something?"
We can be the the time in history that our forefathers dreamed of, we can make our great grandparents proud as well as grandchildren. We can be the moment that allows our grandchildrens grandchildren to live in a country that's for the people by the people not For the banks & the filthy rich, by the banks & the filthy rich.
(You should know I'm not a grandmother, lol. I do care very deeply about the world we're passing on to future generations. I am very family oriented though- I have nieces & nephews I adore & I'm a godmother 4 times over, going on 5-)

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