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BIO: I'm am living a calling to secure human rights protection for LGBT people. I'm 46, and I left working almost 10 years ago to find my authentic self, ending up in Africa in 2008, where I got a Masters of Law in Human Rights & Democratization from the Univ. of Pretoria South Africa. I was also General Council and Legislative Director for many years in Massachusetts Gov't, am well versed in international law, and experienced in grassroots NVCD. From this experience and in solidarity with OWS, I propose these 10 ideas for demands, when the time comes.


U.S. Constitutional Amendments:
1. Term Limits for Congress: 3 Senate terms (18 years), 5 terms Representatives (10 years). This changes all sorts of financial incentives, career, lobbying, campaign finance, etc.

2. Reverse Citizens United. Make clear Corporations are not people in the Constitution.

3. Separately Elect the U.S. Attorney General, in non-partisan race: i.e., not appointed by the President. This will make sure the people have a lawyer protecting their interests vis-a-vis the Gov’t (most state-level AGs are separately elected from the Gov).

4. Conscript Presidential Military Power to instigate wars and military actions abroad, without Congressional authorization.

5. International Human Rights Treaties Enforcement: Create a Private Right of Action to enforce International Treaties domestically, or alternatively, providing that the Gov’t must abide by them, enforceable by the U.S. AG perhaps.

U.S. Domestic Policy:
6. Natural Resource Usage Tax & Energy Policy: Tax the use of natural resources where ever they come from, and use this to create a zero-oil/coal energy policy (along with huge investment in solar, which is already at market readiness, and on-grid in Nevada).

7. Corporate Responsibility Law & Wealth Tax: Create legal code of ethics and transparency for corporations, and tax standing wealth of Corporations (to get them moving assets, not hording them, close all foreign holding loop holes).

8. Lobbyist Prohibition: Have a prohibition on former Congress people (and perhaps Gov’t employees) becoming Lobbyist for 20 years (eliminate influence peddling).

9. WTO Accountability: Make the WTO have a public process component, transparency, and accountability.

10. Create Standing for Private Citizens/NGOs at World Court: International treaties (except WTO treaties) are not enforceable, except by gov’t against gov’t, and they don’t do that. We need a real Int’l legal & enforcement mechanism to enforce International Human Rights treaties.

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