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We are the 99 percent


I've been searching for a way to make things right. There is something seriously wrong with this country with these people that are blind and put into a meat grinder put into the system. People are being labeled and dehumanized by what is called social norm we are turning into a mindless mass that can't think for itself and being controlled by a government that we didn't put in place the system needs to be changed to save lives to save are children's lives and if you want to see your grandchildren blood may have to be spilled we may have to fight for this revolution peace is not working these false wars are pulling us into a world war 3 and soon the sky will be covered with ash and we will all be more meat for the grinder I am not anonymous we are anonymous but i still have my face and my voice and my knowledge where are the hero's of old are grandfathers fathers or must we take matters into are own hands and fight for what is right or do we lose are selves as we are numbered and labeled and brainwashed into thinking everything is alright

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