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We are the 99 percent


"Do you look across the land ... and see ... or are you blinded by the Static?"

Let those with hearts to hear http://tinysong.com/pbt0 and minds to read http://goo.gl/ss5hr

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Infamous conservative William F. Buckley and Ayn Rand.


The roots of conservative violence: William F. Buckley tells Noam Chomsky, "I'll smash you in the goddam face." And laughs it off.


Buckley asks, Will anybody be thinking about the hippies, ten years from now? Ed Sanders clues him in.


Ginsberg schools Buckley on Einstein's principle that "Imagination is more important than Knowledge." Yes, under the influence.


Only a sociopath like Rand cannot reason that his or her "most rational self interest" is entirely and inextricably interdependent with the shared fate of all those around him or her.

To put this into context, a quote from Albert Einstein: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” We are not rugged individualists, isolated and alienated from one another. The field, the environment, the people and energy all around us, is the sole governing agency of our individual selves, as particles of humanity.

We are all one, or none.

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