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We are the 99 percent



Ladies and Gentlement of Occupy Wall Street:

I have been waiting for you for more than seventy years.
I have seen, heard, experienced and considered many things.
There is legitimate precedent and viable solution, to restore the natural universal economy. viable society and legitimate egalitarian universally representative democratic government, that this nation and its people may endure.
I solicit your understanding and support.
It does not matter who holds the position of President, if the people understand and are united to do what is right.
Full Employment Full Pay and Full Benefits at a level based upon and adjusted to the costs of living and assured by the national Treasury, permitting everyone the human right to participate in the social and economic intercourse requisite to a good life, classically, historically, including here in the United States of America (Roosevelt 1941) is the first step in resorting all human rights, the natural viability of the society, its requisite universal economy and legitmate egalitarian universally representative democratic government.
http://john-richardson-meadows.angelfire.com/America.html ( essay: "The Protocols of Capital").
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