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We are the 99 percent


I am a twenty-two year old college student working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Medical Science. My dream is to become a general practitioner, and open my own free clinic in East St. Louis. The hope was to have this clinic integrated into the community; not just health care, but education, nutrition, and counseling. I hate the nutritional system in our country. I hate the direction of the health care system and its dependence on pharmaceuticals although i do not by any means feel pharmacy is unnecessary! In order to fix any of these nationwide problems we have to fix the basics. We need jobs. We need sustainability. We need an equality. This is supposed to be the land of equal opportunity. Ergo it should be a land of equal tax. If as a physician I bring home $150,000 per year and the government takes away $45,000 in taxes then those CEO's making $2.0 Million need to put in their sixty-million cents along with their opinions.

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