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Stormborn is a lyricist, artist, poet, and producer. He is self taught. He produces all his own beats, writes the lyrics, engineers the tracks, performs, and handles all promotions. Stormborn is presently looking for a manager, agent, and publicist. He has hundreds of beats, and lyrics from different genres about different subjects. All of his music is copyrighted, and he is a registered member of ASCAP as both a writer and a publisher.

He was born in a 70 year storm in Los Angeles, California in 1980 in a small hippie/artist community off the coast; in a tiny little house his parents rented that he never got to remember living in. He grew up traveling around the U.S. performing music on the streets with his family, from Los Angeles to Detroit to New Orleans and many places in between, but mostly based out of New Orleans where according to his parents he was conceived!

Musically conquering the streets of America was not enough for the Leonard family and at age six with his parents, New Orleans music legends David and Roselyn and his lovely sister Autumn, wandered the streets of Europe for nine months performing anyplace there where crowds. The Leonard Family once more made the hop over the pond when Stormborn was thirteen this time with a little more structure.

He spent nine moths living on a side of a mountain from late spring to the middle of winter in Flagstaff Arizona where he spent much time learning, meditating, and meting some very amazing people. He has worked many different jobs from bartending and working security to digging ditches, selling drugs in his youth, working as a customer service manager, owning an online business that never made any money, and has worked in many other professions. Always a deep thinker and a student of life he considers himself a renaissance man. Unknowingly his parents raised him in an traditional Greek fashion with many philosophical discussion as well gymnastics, music, art, mathematics, various cultural experiences, and martial arts training.

Living in some of the worst neighborhood in three of the most dangerous cities from Los Angeles, where he would stay with one of his sisters to Detroit, where the Leonard family stayed with his adopted aunt near six mile while they were in town, to New Orleans where they parked their RV in a vacant lot in the Treme for the most part till the Leonards bought Stormy’s (as his family calls him) first ever traditional home at age nine in the ninth ward neighborhood of the Bywater he learned how to be strong.

He attended many different schools growing up as well as being home schooled. He graduated from Ridgewood Preparatory School in 1998 where his parents sent him to keep him from being killed after getting in fights almost every day for a year in a half in the New Orleans public school system. The extra money for his education was hard to come by but his family made it work. He attended university at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, but did not finish his formal education. One of his teachers, the late great Poppa Neutrino (famous for his world wide rafting exploits being the first man to ever raft across the Atlantic, and down the Mississippi) once told him “may you fail at what you must fail at even faster”.

Stormy once spent five months in jail, for the first time in his life, for a crime he did not commit in Eureka California (being arrested in McKinleyville where the black population is 0.029%) and after five months of sitting in a mixed population jail, having spent time in isolation twice, max twice (where he turned twenty six), and general population three times before he was convicted of two counts of loitering and was released.

Upon being released from jail he returned to his storm swept home in New Orleans Louisiana and has since then been committed five times because of his religious beliefs (once for as long as 78 days when he refused to take his medication again), and he complained of having sex in his sleep. According to multiple news groups such as MSNBC, USA Today, ABC News, and Fox News, to name a few, having sex in your sleep is called Sexsomnia or Sleepsex and is showing up all over the nation. According to his mother David has been dealing with this sleep disorder since he was thirteen. His doctors told him that there was no such disease and that he was delusional and after sharing his religious beliefs he was placed on numerous pharmaceuticals even being told once that if he had different religious beliefs than everyone else he was delusional. God bless the land of the free where we can practice religious freedom.

Constantly encouraged to read, write, create art, dance and play music growing up Stormborn is a poet, artist, musician, and a registered ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. David Stormborn is a lover of music a swinger of the grove a dabbler of rhythm anything that gets your feet to move!

Love animals, love individuals, love being lost in crowds, hate being center of a crowd (except when performing), Digs life, likes to travel,

One day I want to become a conscious ball of energy flying through the Multiverse!

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