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Occupy Any Street suggested platform

1. All National Banks shall comply with their National Charters and cease participation in credit card business.
The national bank charter specifically excludes ANY bank whose name includes the designation, N.A. from "lending credit" or "acting as a surety" which is what credit card business actually IS. Every time you use a credit card the bank is "lending you it's credit" or "acting as a surety". This is illegal and is reserved specifically for State Banks.
2. All lenders must disclose the credit default swaps they own on each mortgage to each borrower. Lenders buy multiple CDS "bets" against you paying ! Try taking out three or four auto insurance policies and cash in on all of them when you have a wreck !
3. Lenders must disclose to borrower the entire Bloomberg report (aka Note chain of custody) for their loan.
4. All citizens should endorse a petition halting the states AG from a collective "deal" releasing the banks of criminal prosecution for acts during the mortgage boom starting 1999 to present. Banks and employees must not be let off scott free.

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