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We are the 99 percent


I'm a graduate student in mathematics and a Benedictine Oblate concerned about education and social justice. My philosophy is that a restoration of solid moral principles among the entire populace is the only sure foundation for any successful reform movement, and that this restoration necessarily includes granting wider access to academic resources as well as rigorous training in critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop an enlightened sense of self-interest in each individual and the means for them to pursue its actualization. To this end, I would like to organize affordable and rigorous courses in the following subject areas:

Basic Algebra and Geometry
Propositional Logic and Rhetoric
Introduction to Argument and Fallacies
Calculus (both single-variable and multivariable)
Linear and Abstract Algebra
Real and Complex Analysis
Discrete Mathematics
General Topology
Probability and Statistics
Numerical Analysis

My belief is that everyone can and should learn about some advanced topics, especially in the natural sciences. These offer tools not only for self-realization and understanding, but also for achieving the financial independence many are finding so elusive. Please let me know if you are interested in helping me implement my agenda.

As a sampling of what I have in mind, here is a brief introduction to proofs that I found online which is eminently readable. Any coursework would be formulated along similar lines.


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