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We are the 99 percent


I'm a 26 year old of whom no matter how hard I try to progress in life, corporations keep dragging me down with their strange backward ideals of how things should be and how they shouldn't be.

I am making 10 dollars and hour at an office job that should be paying me more for what i do, and to make matters worst I'm expected to do a full time job on part time hours. I am only part time because there is not 'enough money' within their budget to give me the job I deserve. And because of my 'status' I am unable to go to the doctor because I have no health insurance.

And to make matters worst I have no where near enough money to pay off my student loan that just keeps piling up with interest. I support the cause completely, for one reason and one reason only, we should be judged not on how much money we make or what connections we have.

But we should be judged solely on our abilities. We should not have to be forced into paying thousands for a small piece of paper stating that we can do what we already know we can do.

Granted I am all for gaining knowledge but it should not be at such a high expense.

Also I feel that knowledge should be free, because if we truly want to progress as a nation and as a society we need to allow all the ability to show what they can do. Every person is unique every person has their own ideas on how the world could be a better place.

We should not shun them because they do not have the money to pay for their ideas to be heard. They should not be shun because their ideas contradict what is "Fact".

After truth changes generation to generation, it should never stay stagnate to what a few believe.

We should encourage those ideas, by making college free or maybe a little bit more affordable.

Also I feel that that piece of paper should not be more important than the skills of the person that neglects to have it.

If a construction worker has an idea of how to bring up our economy. Let Him be Heard.

If a stay at home mom has her own theory of how to stop global warming. Let Her be Heard.

If a computer programmer has the ability to do his job, with or with out a degree and is being held back because he does not have a piece of paper. Let him be heard.

Let it be known that knowledge can be gained with or with out a piece of paper.

And to cage some one into debt for life just to obtain it is criminal. For knowledge should always be free.

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