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We are the 99 percent


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This is an appeal to those who go out into the streets to protest and to those who cannot go for various reasons (busy, sick, fear).
In analyzing what is happening now with “Occupy Wall Street” and other social protest movements, the questions arise: “Why do many of them not get the desired results? Why do people who see the need for change, people who know how to realize this needed change in the various spheres of life, not use the existing legal way of expressing their will?”

Meaningful protests or demonstrations can be furthered by the drafting of a clearly stated and formalized petition or manifesto, which is signed by the protesters and supportive organizations.
The Manifesto then needs to be presented to the United Nations and appropriate governmental authorities or agencies. We need to ask these authorities to express their opinion about the value of our Manifesto’s common goals and objectives for the whole world, and to receive their consideration and support for its legalization.
In our opinion, we can safely build on the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” and this new document would be it’s logical extension.
Otherwise they leave no lasting trace and, in many cases, do not bring about any major change.
Let “Occupy Wall Street” be different.

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