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We are the 99 percent


On 11/1/1993 I started working at the GM plant in Buffalo NY,Where my father already had 32 years invested. The plant was built 1910 and had provided many years and generations of prosperity. 3/4/1994 American Axle bought GMs driveline division. Buffalo was one of five plants that was sold and the only one that made a profit at the time of the sale. There was 3600 working there at the time of the sale. We always made AAM a big profit, made consessions but in the end he closed the plant so wall street would have a bigger profits. It was a conspiracy between GM, American Axle wall street and the government to brake the unions, not because of money or benfits, our demands were for the future, job security, to continue the properity of future generations.We went on strike to prove that. The final means to this conspiracy was the $100,000 buyouts into poverty that were taxed at 40% because they were wages. 2006 Bush claimed that year was highest payroll tax revnue ever that was because of 400,000 buyouts that year alone. Then the government force GM into bankurpcy so contract void. 99% of us have some work cut out ahead of us, and its nothing we can handle Thank you 100 For the first time in five years I can see the light.

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