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We are the 99 percent


We, the 99%, find mismanagement and corruption in the world of governance within this nation. This is a departure from the ideals of this nation, wherein a private bank dictates our economic policy, other financial institutions manipulate that economy to their benefit and the detriment of the people, politicians are beholden to corporate interests, and corporate entities fight for the rights of an individual with almost none of the responsibilities. These problems, and innumerable others found within the ideas and opinions of the individual members of this movement, stem from one thing: the corruption of our government through the influence of money.
To that end, we seek to spread awareness to our brethren in the 99% so that we may come together, without partisanship or pretense, and entertain the notion that, in this republic, the votes of the population have more weight and more meaning than the opinions of private money.
We come to seek reform and responsible regulation. We come to seek a return to true American ideals - that each individual is entitled to what they earn, but they are beholden to pay their fair share back into the nation that houses, protects, and serves them. We come to reaffirm the social contract each citizen of this nation has, that each asset of that citizen falls under, and that fairness be a mandate not only by the people for the people, but of the government that serves those people.
We are the 99%. We are incorruptible.

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