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We are the 99 percent


Artist, writer, marxist-commie, Jesus freak, altruist, dreamer, 1-year vegetarian, bike/scooter enthusiast, turquoise-haired proto-intellect. Stagnant youth; Asseverates: Crush capitalism. Not interested in the counter argument. Everything else about me is probably too irrelevant to this website so I'm not including it. I am here to educate and be educated. I have a public, cheap/free DIY clothing event in the works. That means cheap ($2 highest price) and free clothing in public, shared amongst whoever joins in. I believe in proletariat sabotage of the means of production. Less Chinese-cheap-labor Equals More American jobs. Initiate Change. I am a cog in the gears of the Machine. Deplore me. Fear me. Laugh with me.

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